MonsterShield prop controller - designed for all haunters

The MonsterShield is a powerful, Arduino-based prop controller designed for both professional haunters and home haunters

We looked at the other prop controllers on the market and felt that there was room for improvement. Our goal was to build a better prop controller. A prop controller that is easy-to-use yet has advanced capabilities. A prop controller that can continue to evolve with new features via in-the-field firmware updates. A prop controller that even gives you access to the source code.

After months of research and development, we are proud to introduce the MonsterShield!


  • Connects to a standard Arduino microcontroller board (such as an Arduino UNO R3). This can be purchased along with the MonsterShield or purchased separately.
  • Arduino UNO R3 has an ATMEL328 running at 16Mhz


  • 4 relay-controlled outputs via our standard relay module
  • Expand to up to 16 relay-controlled outputs with the optional MonsterShield Expander!
  • high-voltage contacts rated for 125VAC and 30VDC, 10 Amps per relay
  • Screw terminals for quick, secure connections


  • 1 analog trigger (4 total with MonsterShield Expander Board)
  • Screw terminals for quick, secure connections
  • +5V and Ground terminals provided
  • Can trigger on HIGH or LOW voltage
  • Can set minimum trigger voltage threshold anywhere from 0.4V to 5.0V
  • Can set sensitivity (debounce) in 10ms increments
  • Can set trigger cooldown from 0 to 255 seconds after animation is finished to prevent immediate retriggering if desired
  • Can set trigger to "lockout" until voltage resets, preventing props from constantly retriggering if a beam sensor goes out of alignment


  • Up to 15 individual animation slots that can be triggered sequentially or randomly
  • Each animation slot can be up to 16 minutes long
  • Unused or unwanted animation slots can be toggled on or off
  • Animation slot 0 can be set to be ambient. The ambient animation will play in a continous loop until the prop is triggered. After the triggering animation is played, the MonsterShield goes back to playing the ambient animation in a loop.
  • Animation is stored on a user-replacable non-volatile EEPROM chip on the MonsterShield itself. If you move the MonsterShield from one Arudino to another, the animations and settings stay with the MonsterShield.


  • Sound capabilities are added with the optional MP3 module
  • MP3 module takes standard SD cards up to 8GB in size
  • Each animation slot gets its own MP3 file
  • The MonsterShield has a built-in 1/8" stereo jack for easy connection to amplifier


  • Your animations can be programmed easily in real-time with the optional detachable "key-banging" keypad
  • Keypad attaches to the MonsterShield using a standard cat5 network cable. This allows you to stand in front of your prop while you program it.
  • No need to buy a keypad with each MonsterShields... Buy 1 and use it with ALL your MonsterShields. Program your animation on one MonsterShield, then detach and move on to the next MonsterShield.


  • The MonsterShield comes with the MonsterShield Editor for Windows computers
  • Connect the MonsterShield/Arduino to your computer with a standard USB printer cable
  • Download all your animations from the MonsterShield to your computer and save them
  • SEE your animations visually right on your computer screen. Watch this video!
  • Edit your animations or create new ones from scratch using nothing but your mouse
  • Upload your updated animations to your MonsterShield
  • Access advanced settings and capabilities
  • Interact with your MonsterShield in real-time while connected to your computer.

Serial Interface

  • The MonsterShield has a 19200 baud 2-way serial interface that can be accessed through a USB cable or soldering wires to 2 pins.
  • The serial interface has a (soon to be published) command set that allows you to easily interact with the MonsterShield
  • The serial interface responds to commands and also tells you whenever a button or trigger is pressed


  • The MonsterShield's firmware is actually just the program code loaded on the Arduino. This makes it possible for you to update your firmware on your MonsterShields with new capabilities and features as we add them.
  • You'll have access to the source code for the MonsterShield. Use the Arduino IDE to modify the source code and customize your MonsterShield to do what YOU want it to do. If you mess up, you can always load our program code back in.
  • You can use the MonsterShield for literally anything you want to. You can dump our program code and write your own Arduino code, or even reuse the functions that we developed.

We think the MonsterShield is the hottest new prop controller on the market!  Try one today -- we think you'll agree!

Programming with a keypad

The optional keypad connects via a standard ethernet network cable.  Just plug it into the MonsterShield, select the animation slot you want to program, hit the record button, and record your animation by pressing the 4 input buttons to activate the outputs.  When you're finished, press the record button again you're done!

Programming with software

The MonsterShield Editor is a powerful software tool that allows you to visually edit your animations right on your computer screen.  If you have a MonsterShield connected via a standard USB Cable, you'll be able to watch your animations run in real-time right on the screen!